CH3NH2 is a poisonous, flammable gas with an odor similar to ammonia / perishable fish. Perfectly dissolved in water, slightly less in ethanol. Because of its physical properties, methylamine is usually stored in the ampoules, but more often in the form of salts, for example methylamine hydrochloride (hygroscopic solid).

Methylamine is a derivative of methane and ammonia. It has physical and chemical properties similar to the two compounds from which it is derived. Methylamine is also a gas, but solubility and odor are taken over by ammonia. The density of methylamine is the largest of the listed substances. All three compounds are also flammable and the reaction of methylamine is basic.


  • The melting point is -93 ° C
  • Boiling point (condensation) -6 ° C.


  • numerous applications in the organic synthesis industry (dyes and tannins),
  • in pharmaceutical preparation
  • chemical synthesis (for the production of pesticides, surfactants and accelerators)
  • In liquid form, used as a solvent.